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Software engineer and product designer Jan and Un have a lot in common: a simple lifestyle, and a love for textiles. From shoes to bags, everything made with cloth grabs their attention. After working in the same company for five years, they finally decided to start their own venture, The Ducky, and make their own bags.


What does The Ducky stand for?

The word "ducky" stands for love: everything we do, we do with love. In our opinion, a bag is an intimate friend. If you have a good bag, it is like you have a travel companion who knows your mind. With this in mind, we make simple, lightweight designs that go easily with any style and any travel destination.

We love learning new things and creating new designs that deliver this concept!


What inspires you? How do you deal with creative blocks?

Our bags are inspired by everyday life, and not just our own lives.

We find a lot of inspirations online where we can see many different ways of living that we don’t get to experience in person. We also find peace in our simple and slow-paced lifestyle, which is reflected in the uncomplicated style of our bags. We focus on the shapes, and highlight them with only specific details for simplicity. Too many details make us dizzy!

When inspirations run low, we would push ourselves to new places and new people to stimulate ourselves. This makes us feel more alive, and ready to start again!


What does design mean to you?

Design is creating new solutions to people’s needs and improve the states of living. That’s why functions and simplicity are more important for our bags than fashion trends.


How long did it take for you to study pattern design? And what was the most challenging part?

After we decided to take the leap with The Ducky, we took two months to learn everything about making bags. From basic knowledge like the history and the process of bag-making to actually sewing and designing patterns, we learned them all. But the real learning begins after we graduated, because there are always new lessons in the real world.


Our challenge is to continuously meet people’s needs with new designs. Wherever they lead us, it will stay true to our concept for simplicity.


What is special about Ducky bags?

Good quality stitching and dedicated craftsmanship is our hallmark, as is the simple style that is accessible to both men and women.


What is the most memorable thing a customer has said to you?

Our customers really appreciate the craftsmanship and the accessible price for such quality products.



Please offer some words of wisdom to up-and-coming designers.

Actions make all the difference, so step up to new things and don’t be afraid!

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